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Whip Care

Nylon makes excellent whips. And even though its very durable and easy to maintain this DOES NOT mean that its indestructible. I don't recommend using nylon whips on gravel, dirt, hard packed clay, or other similar surfaces. Doing so will abrade the nylon fibers causing the whip to turn "fuzzy". Grass, wood floors and the such make the best places to use your whips. Leaving your whip out in direct sunlight is also not recommended. Overexposure to sunlight will break down the nylon also allowing it to get damaged easier.

You should keep the whip clean. If the whip becomes soiled (or your just bored) Cleaning with some laundry soap and water and using a soft brush on the stubborn spots and then laying the whip out to dry is all there is to it. I DO NOT recommend putting your whip in the dishwasher or the clothes washer.

If you get your whip wet DON'T PANIC that is one of the great things about nylon whips. If you have never cracked a whip in the morning dew or during some rain its a must do!! When the cracker gets wet it makes some spectacular cracks sending puffs of water vapor into the air like little explosions. Just lay your whip out somewhere flat, let it dry and your good to go.

Should your whip get the fuzzies your best bet is to use a lighter and CAREFULLY singe them away. This will stop them from fraying further and bring back the good looks of your whip.

These tips are from personal experience if you have any questions, comments, or tips please contact me!