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Still Working on the site getting the small details done, general polishing etc. etc.....


Updated my pricing formula. I had problems with the straight $ per foot charging... I couldn't find an amount that I felt was right... Either I was coming up short because of materials used or once the whips got out past 6 foot the prices just got to high to fast (160 dollars for a plain 8 foot nylon whip is into the overpriced range) .


Finally have something up on the bio page... Now if I can just get a camera so I can get some pics up....


Finally got some pictures up!!! Not the greatest of quality but something is better then nothing right?


WOOHOO!!! domain name registered and hosted by The Hyperial Group Had to get a new hitcounter so it was officialy reset to 0 after 2,910 hits. Good times ahead I can feel it!