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This is what people are saying about my whips

I am the proud owner of Mike's second whip he ever made.. (a black and green eight foot bullwhip) and let me tell you.. Every time I get this thing out I have to fight people off! Mike's craftsmanship is wonderful. His attention to precision and quality is amazing (I would say anal, but he might get offended! Whenever I take this thing out to crack other whip owners come over to join in, but,..when the rain comes they have to roll up those pansy leather whips and watch in envy as I crack away in the rain.. Of course we catch colds this way but who cares?!.. I got a whip that works anywhere!! I have used my whip for over three years. Whether I am showing off at our local Ohio Renaissance Faire or driving a heard of horses my Morgan whip has never let me down..
Keep cracking!
Shawn S
(Dayton, Ohio)