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About Michael Morgan

I am a happily married man and a lucky father of 3. I started making whips around 1998 when my old inexpensive leather whip had become pretty wore out. After shopping around and seeing the cost of what I wanted (see married and a father of 3). I quickly realized that purchasing a whip made by someone else just wasn't in my budget. So I armed myself with some books on whipmaking and after some thought settled on using nylon because it was easier for me to get hold of. A few prototypes later (some of which will NEVER see daylight again...) I hit on the method I use now and made a black 6 footer that when I showed off was a hit. Every whip I made was snapped up by friends and since I didn't have much spare time then I didn't even own one of my own whips other then that first 6 footer. Now the kids are alittle older and two of them are in school I have alot more time on my hands. I finally own a few of my own whips and have the time to do what I have thought about for a few years (and have been nagged constantly by my friends and others who own my whips) and started offering my whips for sale.

Hobbies I enjoy are whipmaking (of course), paintball, performing magic, and building fast cars. I also enjoy working the local Renaissance Faire, hiking and camping, reading, oh and about a dozen other things as well.

Michael at the Ohio Renaissance Faire  

Enjoying some rock climbing in Hocking county

OLD renaissance picture with a 8 foot bullwhip

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