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 Why Nylon (also titled "Lets play with our whips in the rain")

Using nylon in my whips gives them some advantages over leather whips.

Cost: Nylon whips are generally less expensive then their leather counterparts. The nylon doesn't cost as much as the leather does, and doesn't take as much to maintain.

Durability: The nylon parachute cord used in my whips makes them virtually weather proof. This mean you don't have to worry at all about taking your whips out WHEN YOU want while others with their expensive leather whips are sitting on the porch waiting for the rain to clear or the dew to dry off the grass. Nylon is also easier to maintain. An occasional bath in the tub with some fabric soap or such and laying it out to dry is about all there is to maintenance of a nylon whip.


Construction (also titled "so what exactly goes into your whips?")

I make my whips starting with an aluminum handle. I drill a hole into the end about 1/4 inch deep or so and epoxy into it the core which is a stainless steel aircraft cable. This cable runs from the handle to tip of the whip. Around the core I plait the belly. Over the belly I will use a bolster to help even the taper then over that I plait a 12 plait overlay. The knob is made by drilling a solid nylon ball and epoxying that to the handle and the knot is tied around it. The braided nylon fall is approximately 24 inches, it is attached in the traditional way most leather whip makers attach their falls making it easy to replace when it wears out without having to reconstruct the whip.


Custom (also titled "custom??? Sounds like you churn out the same thing over and over")

The process I described above is the basic form. All of my whips are custom. I will build you whatever you want... Shot loaded, Stiffer then normal, short handled, long handled, Thicker then normal, counter weighted knob on the handle for a different balance?? You name it I will build it or do my best to get as close to what you want as possible. I encourage you to communicate with me through e-mail or over the phone so we can discuss options and exactly what YOU want and go from there. I have available 29 different colors you can choose from (see order page). Your paying me to make YOU something you want. I will make sure you get what your paying for.


Measurement (also titled "just how big it that thing anyway")

I measure ONLY the thong length in my whips. I do not measure the handle on my bullwhips as part of the order length. The Fall is also not measured in the total length either. So if you order a 6 foot bullwhip you will get a whip that is about 8.5 foot from end to end (8 inch handle + 6 foot thong + aprox 24 inch fall = 104 inches = 8.6 feet)


Why Pay MORE???? (Also titled "why should I give you my hard earned cash")

Yes I do charge more per foot then some of the other whip makers out there. The materials I use to build the bellies out of and the materials to build the handles cost more then what others use. These things together and my skill adds up to a whip that feels, handles, and performs flawlessly and compares to only the highest quality whips. If you are not satisfied with your whip then send it back. I will refund your money minus shipping (see policies). All I ask is to explain why you wasn't happy with the whip.

 Remember any questions or comments please feel free to send me an e-mail.