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Pricing and Ordering



Pricing is the same for both Bullwhips and Snakewhips

$20 a foot to 6 foot, $10 a foot after that for one or two tone whips
Add $25 for fancy plaiting
Add $20 for more then two colors
Add $1 for each inch over 8 for custom handle lengths
Add 25 (once) for a matched pair
Whip maintenance - $30 for first whip and $20 for each additional whip in the same order: Includes handwash, new Fall, crackers and shipment back to customer in the continental US


 Remember When ordering I measure Thong length only. I DO NOT include the Handle OR Fall into the length of the whip so they are generally 8 inches (stock handle length) longer then others.

I Currently only accept Money Orders or certified check.
Contact me through Either
Or Call 937.704.0207
Leave a message and I will get back to you OR if no answer that means I am online like usual.
When ordering make sure to state:
Special requests (see Whip Info for details)
Contact Info
I will contact you to discuss all the details such as colors, time frame, total price, etc etc.